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Pak Hok Pai - Present and Future

Today Si Fu Santa Maria has established branches in Campbelltown. He is currently promoting Pak Hok world wide and establishing connections with our brother schools in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines.

LionsWithin the Campbelltown area there are many divisions operating. There have been classes taught at Mount Carmel Catholic High School, Hurlstone Agricultural High School, University of Western Sydney and Fitness First Gym. The aim here is to give the people in the community a chance to appreciate and understand the teaching and philosophy behind Pak Hok Pai.

The Campbelltown divisions have performed lion dancing and martial arts demonstrations at many different events such as the Fisher's Ghost Festival, school fetes, Chinese New Year and many other charitable events.


Lion dancing skills have also rapidly developed. Having performed for local restaurants during the August Moon Cake Festival and Chinese New Year. In the past, the Nan Tien Temple (the biggest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere) has asked us to perform during these special occasions including the Buddha's birthday.


In 2002 we celebrated our 30th anniversary at the King's Chinese restaurant. If it was not for the hard work of Si Gung Ma and Si Fu Santa Maria we would not be here today, both taking an active role in Pak Hok Pai since its inception by Chan Hak Fu in 1972. Words will never be enough to explain their commitment to the school. In their heart all that they aim to do is keep the spirit of Pak Hok Pai alive.