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The Kung Fu tournaments in New South Wales, Australia were held by the New South Wales Chinese Martial Arts Association. This association allowed Si Gung Ma to join other traditional schools in order to arrange special events like martial arts demonstrations and tournaments. Tournaments occurred once a year primarily at the Sydney Town Hall or the Whitlam Centre in Liverpool NSW. Master Ma invited many traditional styles to take part in these exhibitions, such as Choy Lee Fut, Yau Kung Mun, Tang Shou Do, Wing Chun, Luk Hop Ba Fat, Fist of the Five Ancestry, Tai Chi, Chow Ka, Pac Mei, Double Dragon and Tong Kuen Do.

Non-traditional Chinese marital arts schools were generally not accepted into the Association. These traditional tournaments started in 1979 and ended in 1988 when Si Gung Ma resigned as President. One of our main exponents was Warren Chan, the son of Mr Chan Hak Fu. Warren has won many titles and has also made a number of movies to his credit. One noted movie "FEI HOK" (Flying Crane) featured Chan Hak Fu performing Tit Lin (Iron Chain Form).

In 1982, the 6th World Martial Arts competition was held in Hong Kong. This tournament was held every four years in a different country. Nominated traditional Kung Fu schools in Australia picked the one student who had the greatest potential. At that time Kerry Cox represented Australia in Hong Kong. He fought well and came second in the final. Overall the Australian team did well coming home with two wins and one second.