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Chan Hak Fu Opens the Door to Pak Hok Pai in Australia

SiJo Performing Kup BoChan Hak Fu arrived in Australia in November 1970 and opened the doors to the Australian public in 1971. He formed the association Pak Hok Kung Fu International in 1972. His Gwoon was based above the headquarters of the Kuo Min Tang (the Chinese Nationalist Party) in Sydney Chinatown. This was offered gratuitously to him due to the services he provided for his country and the name he had established for himself

During Chan Hak Fu's stay in Australia many flocked to his training centre to be taught the White Crane style. The association at that time had about 150 members strong and growing. He was very selective when picking his students because those that were to be chosen would carry the school name. The three most noted disciples were Master Ernest Kin Cheong Ma, Master Peter Kuo and Master Peter Chan.


All three disciples showed great dedication in their practice and soon became leaders in their own rights. Si Gung Ma was instrumental in promoting Pak Hok, forming their first constitution in 1972 and acting president up to 1988. This was necessary in order to establish direction for the school. Pak Hok Pai International was one of the first Kung Fu schools to have its own Gwoon in Chinatown Sydney.