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Chu Chi Yiu

Chu Chi Yiu came from the Kong Sai province, Guangdong. One day when he was six years old he went to the markets with his father. A fight broke out between Chu Chi Yiu and two other boys. Chu Chi Yiu upset the parents of the other boys and a big fight looked inevitable.

Luckily at that time Shing Lun appeared and acted the peace maker. He had observed the boys fighting and sees the potential in Chi Chi Yiu. Shing Lun brought Chu Chi Yiu to the mountain where his other three disciples were and accepted him as a disciple also. They were known as the "FOUR LO HON". After some time the three other disciples left and went their own way. In 1881 Chu Chi Yiu returned to his own village. Later he went to Macau and met with Wong Lam Hoi and Ng Siu Chung.