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Shing Lun

At about 1850 - 1868 during the Ching Dynasty the Rev. Shing Lun travelled to South China with his four monk Disciples: Ta Chi, Ta Wei, Ta Yuen and Ta Kok - each specialising in a unique weapon of their own. Eventually they settled in Hing Wun Monastery at Din Wu Mountain of Zhao Hing District of Guangdong. It was here that rev. Shing Lun broke tradition and accepted four disciples who were not monks. These four disciples were Wong Yun Lam, Chan Yum, Chou Heung Yun and Chu Chi Yiu; the four Lo Hon. Then Wong Lam Hoi became the fifth disciple of Rev. Shing Lun at a different location. They were known as "The Five Well Respected Gentlemen" at that time.