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The Aim of Our School

Pak Hok Pai Australia Incorporated is a Pak Hok Kung Fu oganisation that expounds the movements of the White Crane style. One of its primary goals is to uphold traditions, passing the teachings from master to student, from one generation to the next. It has become one of the most outstanding martial arts styles that originated in Tibet, introduced at a later period into South China during the Ching Dynasty. Its growth has allowed Pak Hok Pai to be internationally recognised.

The school is a non-profit organisation. Its primary focus is not only to bring the style into the 21st century but also to establish a concrete foundation through its students. The school's aim is to nurture its students' learning, where quality and understanding of the style's concepts and teachings are emphasised.

There is a family oriented atmosphere and rapport that permeates through all gatherings held by Pak Hok around the globe. Our training centres (Gwoon) understand that the growth and strength of the school comes from unity often gathering at demonstrations, tournaments and other related functions.