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2012 Grading

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Adult Grading on Saturday 5th May.

All instructors were very impressed with the effort and commitment from every student who attended. Also the technique and quality of everyone who participated in the grading was highly commended and everyone should be proud of how they performed.

ju ma

Adult Classes have been running in Penshurst Pole Depot for almost two years and seeing regular students from Penshurst excel and receive their sash this weekend has made the hard work in establishing a Pak Hok Pai class in Penshurst pay off. Si Heng Daniel Toland is especially proud of all his students and grateful for their commitment. Not only do most of the students turn up regularly to the Thursday Class at Penshurst, but most have made the commitment to go to Campbelltown classes.

List of Si Heng Dan's Hok San in Penshurst:

Andrew Olshen (attacking):


Mick Sharp (conditioning his knuckles):


Justin Doyle (performing a dramatic take-down):


Colin Wilkins (with eyes on prize):


List of Si Jei Ana's Hok San in Penshurst:

Amanda Sharp (picturing her opponent's head coming clean off):



Si Heng Russlan and Si Heng Tim are also very proud of their Hok San who attended the grading. It is great to see the brotherhood that our Gwoon in Campbelltown nourishes. It's great to see a diverse number of students progress through their sashes. Our Campbelltown Gwoon offers a diverse range of classes that concentrate on specific aspects of Pak Hok Pai, and it's great to see all students regularly committing to several classes on offer. Our fight and fitness classes, traditional classes and lion dancing classes see a lot of regular students that also participate in Friendly fights with other martial arts styles and perform in Demonstrations throughout the year.

List of Si Heng Russlan's Hok San in Campbelltown:

Daniel Gregor (throwing jins like it ain't no thing):


Dom Borg (taking the lead)


Martin Khamphounvong (executing a vicious jow):



It is also great to see family members progress throughout the years. Our School takes pride in our style being diverse and flexible enough for all likes to participate. Mothers, Daughters, Sons alike. Families who train together are true testiments to the Pak Hok Pai brotherhood.

List of Si Heng Tim's Hok San:

Lai Bo Ka (crane personified):


A special mention to Si Heng Paul Toland who participated in the grading with all the gradees. Leading by example was very honorable and definitely a true testament to the dedication of our Senior Instructors. Some say, his qi is so strong that he performs all pushups 15cm off the ground:


Also thankyou to Ruben who dedicated some time in participating in our sparring drills. All our students can definitely learn from your knowledge and talent.


A special mention to Si Heng Andrew Fricot and Si Heng Jeff Fricot. Your attendance and expertise was much appreciated.

Most of all, Thank you to Si Heng Gawaian Bodkin Andrews for organising and running the Grading's Structure. All students who participated have at one point asked for your guidance throughout the years and are grateful for the time and commitment in helping us progress.

Ju ma

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