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Welcome To Pak Hok Pai Australia

Pak Hok (White Crane) Kung Fu International is an internationally recognised traditional Chinese Martial Arts school.

Pak Hok originated in Tibet by a Tibetan Lama (Adato). It was introduced to Australia in 1971 by Mr Chan Hak Fu and Incorporated as Pak Hok Kung Fu International by Mr. Ernest Kin Cheong Ma in 1972.

It has offices in many countries around the world including Macau, Australia, U.S.A., Canada, The Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and Israel.

The style of Pak Hok is simple and practical. We teach authentic self-defence techniques which are both practical and effective, build self esteem and discipline and generate good health and fitness.

It is this philosophy which has enabled Pak Hok Pai to provide high quality Kung Fu and self defence training programs for its students and has made it a respected organisation within the community.